10 Spring Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life EasierSpring Cleaning Tips – Our Top 10!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Spring cleaning sounds overwhelming, intimidating and like a chore at the best of times. Here are some tips for tackling that project.

The idea of spring cleaning may be overwhelming or intimidating, but these tips should help you tackle them as easily as possible.

  1. Create a Schedule

Creating a clear timeline of when and how you want things done, with achievable goals makes the work easier to manage and work through.

  1. Restock your Artillery

Just like an army preparing for an upcoming battle, our artillery of weapons we are going to use in the war against mess needs to be restocked and organised. This doesn’t have to be only heavy duty cleaning products, but using eco-friendly products you may have in your cupboard such as bicarb soda, lemon, borax and vinegar can be useful too.

  1. De-cluttering Time

The very first step to any good spring clean is de-cluttering. You need to be ruthless with anything you haven’t used in a while. Every one of us is guilty of saying “but I might need this one day”, but that is the reason we are stuck here in the first place! Anything that you don’t need should be donated to those who do need it, or maybe sell it and get a little bit of money back.

  1. From Top to Bottom

When it comes to cleaning, it is best to work from top to bottom. Begin with the highest points in a room and then work your way to the lowest. This makes sure that all of the dirt is pushed down into one place and that you won’t accidentally dirty the areas that have already been cleaned.

  1. Turn It Into a Game

Just like we were once told by Mary Poppins, every job can find an element of fun. Cleaning is not only good physically, but for your mental health too! Put on some catchy tunes and dance the night away while you transform your home. Busting a move can burn through calories too!

  1. Open Some Windows

This is an often overlooked tip. It will remove the stale air, helps dodge mould growth, lowers condensation and most importantly helps remove all of the chemical fumes which will come from your cleaning products.

  1. Divide and Conquer

Like they always say, teamwork makes the dream work! Everyone who lives in your house can help in one way or another. You shouldn’t have to bear all the responsibilities alone. The kids can decide on the toys they no longer use, and depending on their age can help wipe down surfaces or cupboards. The more hands the merrier!

  1. Don’t Forget Hard to Reach Places

Some difficult to reach places such as inside washing machines, ceiling fans, range-hood fans and inside light fixtures can be easily ignored. These are places that build up dust and mildew quickly, so make sure not to neglect them.

Quick tip: Place a few drops of essential oils onto any light bulbs not in use. When they heat up, the smell will create a nice fragrance to the room.

  1. Care For Your Air

Clean air may be something we don’t often think about, but it is vital for health reasons. Once your house is finished being de-cluttered and your spring clean is finally complete, take advantage of household plants as an environmentally friendly and beautiful way to clean the air within your home. They purify the air, help to reduce airborne dust and lower air temperature. 

  1. Treat Yourself!

Your house is beautiful and clean, so it’s time to enjoy the benefits that come with it. Kick your feet back with a glass of wine and appreciate the hard work you’ve done. You’ve earned it!

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