Deceased State Property Clean Up Service

What We Do


What is Deceased state clean up service

Deceased Estate Cleanups involve clearing and cleaning the deceased estate of a family member or friend. Decluttering your own home is hard enough, but when you have to clear out somebody else’s house it’s even harder. Having to sort through and pack up a lifetime of possessions can be stressful. We understand how difficult this is on your family, and are mindful of the delicate situation under which you have entrusted us into your homes.


Disposal Service

Having our team at Estate Cleanups handle your estate cleanout gives you peace of mind that your family’s possessions are accounted for and removed or disposed of as needed.

Once all of the furniture and other required possessions have been packed and taken care of we will dispose of the rest in an Eco-Friendly manner.

If items are to be donated, we will organise that charity shops we work with benefit from anything the family doesn't want, as well as help you find the right places for items that are to be resold or recycled. (Anything that can be recycled will be done so as much as possible to have a minimal effect on landfill.)


Cleaning Service

Once completely cleared of all personal belongings, furniture and unwanted items the property will be thoroughly cleaned to the highest standards and notes made of any repairs or garden maintenance that is required. This includes deep cleaning walls and hiring professional carpet cleaners.

With deceased estates that have been vacant or neglected for a long period of time, due to the previous occupants being completely infirm or having an extended time of illness, we also provide a deep cleaning service where we clean and sanitise heavily contaminated bathrooms, kitchens, toilets or other rooms as required.

Estate Clean Ups also organise for pest control to be carried out if necessary.


Deceased State Property Up Keep

Other services we can provide.


Repair Service

Estate Clean Ups have accredited tradesman and builders that can carry out anything from minor works on the property ie, fix a door hinge , fix fences , right through to renovating an entire kitchen or bathroom. All tradesman and builders are BSA ( Building Services Australia ) Accredited and Registered and carry relevant insurances for all works to be carried out. We can also attend to garden maintenance to assist in total presentation before sale.


Yard Clean up & Rubbish Removal

Life can get in the way of your yard clean up and yard maintenance routine, and neglecting your yard clean up duties for too long can cause irreversible harm to the health of your lawn. Removing outdoor debris is important for keeping your backyard healthy, growing, and thriving year round.

We’re able to provide deceased estate rubbish collection services that are thorough and effective at. Our team of deceased estate collection experts are always sure to do a great job when it comes to your deceased estate collection job. We are always committed to providing exceptional deceased estate collection services. 

We can also assist in the sale of the property,

Contact us to arrange a suitable appointment to discuss your needs by clicking the button below.



First impressions are everything, and this is especially true when you’re selling a property in Melbourne! Buyers are picky, and their exacting standards demand the best. A sparkling property is a sought-after property, so cutting corners on your pre-sale clean is not only bad mathematics, it is risky business.If you’re like most smart vendors, you would have already gone through several steps to help your property achieve the best price possible, from picking the perfect agent, to having the property styled, photographed and marketed.


Here’s how vendors maximise the sale price

  • They forget about scrimping and saving on their cleaning budget.

  • Before inspection day, they ask the cleaning manager to give them the best cleaning service possible.

  • On the cleaning day, the vendors allow Wisechoice Cleaning team of specialised pre-sale cleaners to arrive at the property fully equipped with all the necessary cleaning products and tools, Wisechoice cleaners commence their mission to revitalise the property for the maximum sale price.

Wisechoice cleaners take pride in their cleaning work, boasting a strong track record of property owners who have put their trust in our team with their pre-sale property preparation.

Vendors are delighted on the level of cleanliness we have been able to achieve in their properties, and the results speak for themselves.



In our Pre-Sale cleaning service list, you can select to suit your budget and your cleaning needs:

  • Dusting internally from floors to ceiling

  • Removing all cobwebs

  • Removing Mould from bathrooms, walls and balconies

  • Tiles and grout cleaning

  • Blinds cleaning: Roller blinds and Venetians

  • Cleaning all skirts, fixtures, lights and switches

  • Spot cleaning all walls

  • Wiping all the furniture to make it shine as much as possible

  • Window cleaning inside and outside (where possible and reachable)

  • Cleaning window seals and rails

  • Deep cleaning of kitchen: oven, range hood, microwave, sink, tiles, stove, cupboards (inside and outside), drawers, floor, dishwasher, toaster, handles, walls, windows, blinds, …

  • Deep clean bathrooms: tiles (top to bottom), showers, shower glasses, sinks, toilets, floors, mirrors, lights, switches, cupboards, doors, handles…

  • All floors: dusting, vacuuming, and mopping

  • Carpet steam cleaning and Uphostery steam cleaning

  • Specialised carpet and Upholstery stain removal service such as: pet, urine, medicine, wine, vomit, wax, ink … etc

  • Remove any rubbish: from inside and outside

  • Veranda and balcony cleaning: removing all cobwebs, tidy, dust, vacuum, mop …


Home on Inspection Day:

  • Look for the a reliable and trusted  cleaning service provider, such as us.

  • Have the mindset that the money spent on cleaning is an investment in your property.

  • If your property is unoccupied hire a stylist to set the right vibes for the house to welcome buyers and give it that warming home feeling.

  • If your property is occupied tidy and lightly clean your property before the inspection day.

  • Clean before the arrival of the cleaners.

  • De-clutter the home if empty no need.

  • Throw away any rubbish.

  • Hide all clothing, shoes and personal effects in the wardrobes.

Be assured that the more you spend on your property, in any way, the better it will look and the more buyers will be attracted to it. Your return on your cleaning will be well worth it with Wisechoice Cleaning because as they say a  good choice is always a wise choice.


End Of Lease Cleaning

Your Local Business at your service!

 Price is $180 for first  3 hours
$50/hour thereafter

Are you stressed about the end of lease cleaning process or worried that you won’t get your bond back? Are you running out of time to thoroughly clean your apartment before you move? If you answer yes to any of these questions, contact Wisechoice Cleaning today. We can handle the complete end of lease cleaning process from start to finish, so you can obtain your full bond as we offer Bond back guarantee or we come back for free( Terms & Conditions apply).

As a locally owned business, we’re committed to providing exceptional customer services and top-quality results. Our cleaning specialists work directly with clients to make sure we know exactly what’s expected on move-out day.

 we use our own state-of-the-art equipment and top-quality cleaning supplies to ensure the perfect end of lease cleaning results every time.

In addition, our attention to detail and our 15-plus years of experience have made us a business that stands out in the industry.

We realise that moving can be expensive. We are a local business with affordable rates and guaranteed services. we offer both.


Spring Cleans

Price $180 for first  3 hours
$50/hour there after 

Wisechoice Cleaning is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.


Window  Cleaning

Efficient and Reliable Window Cleaning

Having clean windows in your home not only makes the place look better, but it can also make you and your family feel better as well. Our team goes out of their way to provide residential window cleaning solutions that not only meet but exceed the needs of our domestic clients. As a locally owned and operated family business, we pride ourselves on being part of the local community and make a point of delivering complete customer service


Move In & Move Out

First 3 Hours $180 
$50 Per Hour There after

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With Wisechoice Cleaning, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.
The Movein -Out cleaning package is tailored to your needs.


High Pressure Washing

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Since its founding, Wisechoice Cleaning has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

A great way to keep your property in good condition is to pressure wash it on a regular basis. This includes exteriors, driveways, and wooden decks. Commercial businesses need pressure washing services as much as home owners for cleaning the exterior of their office building, parking lot, pathways and even the awning


Post renovations and after Builders Clean

Exceptional Service

Renovation cleaning/Builders Clean

The renovations may be nearing completion but there’s still work to be done – that all-important building clean.Wisechoice is an expert team of after after renovation cleaners who partner builders, developers, owner-builders,with high-detailed, cost-competitive cleaning services.
Whether it’s a large project or a residential home, we’re experienced, equipped and ready to tailor a scope of works to meet the demands of your job, we are Vic White Card Accredited
We know you work under pressure and timelines can get tight. 


Oven Cleaning

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Dirty ovens are dangerous to your health, and the health of your family and friends.

Fans that are clogged up with fats circulate toxic fumes and nasty odours into your food. Crusty, burnt particles of food may blow into your dishes.

Worn out oven seals cause infuriating leaks to occur while you’re baking.

All of this makes the risk of a fire very real.Price starting at $99.00 


Flood Damage Repair

This Is The Professional Way To Restore The Flood Affected Area
The professionals of our place follow these steps to do the Flood Damage Restoration work done with perfection. You will get an outcome for all kinds of services by us that you always wanted. Lets’ see the procedure of our experts’:
Inspection :Our professionals will inspect the whole area to identify minor and major damages. On the basis of these effects, we could choose the effective method to apply on.Water Clean-up and Vacuuming
After inspection, we start to extract the water gently and vacuuming the place.

Price starting from $180 per call out and then $19 Per Square Meter.


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning involves much more than a scrubbing brush, bleach and elbow grease. It is one of the most neglected areas when it comes to showers, pool areas and paving. If not done professionally, it can be a very hard, time consuming, tiring task that everyone loves to hate. Regardless of how expensive your tiles and pavers might be, if not maintained properly and on regular basis, your investment could be destroyed.  
Minimum call out $180 and $9.00 Per Sq.M


Vinyl Stripping and Sealing starting from $15 PSq.M

Reliable & Honest

Wisechoice uses a safe fast acting floor stripper, especially effective for the removal of sealers and polishes. The stripper is applied onto the floor and sufficient time is allowed to effect penetration and softening of the seal or polish. The floor is machine rotary scrubbed with a stripping pad. The remaining residue is removed using a hot water extraction machine with a PH neutralising additive leaving the floor surface clean and ready for sealing.


Fabric Lounge  Sofa Cleaning

Exceptional Service

Hot water extraction steam cleaning is one of our preferred methods to clean fabric upholstery. However, we have several diverse ways to clean fabric upholstery. We can clean your fabrics using steam cleaning, hot water cleaning, dry foam cleaning, or dry solvent cleaning. As you probably know, fabric is an odour absorber. In addition to cleaning, we’ll also deodorise your furniture leaving the material smells good, smooth and soft. Fixed Cushions (light soiling) $30 each seatFixed Cushions (heavy soiling) $40 each seat
Unfixed Cushions (light soiling): $50( Heavy Soiling)


Carpet Steam Cleaning

Wisechoice Cleaning Services infuses life into your old and existing carpets. No matter how dirty they are, we are here to make them just like new with our exclusive carpet cleaning services. Our experienced cleaners make use of environment-friendly carpet cleaning products that not just clean your carpet but also add more life to them. We do away with deeply embedded contaminants to make your carpets cleaner and absolutely hygienic. We make carpets allergen free, mould free, stain free, and fully dust free. So what are you waiting for? 


Commercial Carpet

A cleaner office space is possible with CV Carpet Care. Achieve clean carpet results for your commercial space like you never thought possible. Our expert carpet cleaners will transform your space with specialised methods for whatever surfaces and materials you need to be cleaned. 


Residential Carpets

From a single room to an entire home, our residential carpet cleaning services will have you second-guessing when you bought your house! Clean carpets turn back the clock on years of wear and tear, removing deep dirt and stubborn stains